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The favourite program tour in Pattaya City

Koh-samet:Koh Samet, a national park and also one of asia's most famous places. You will go ashore at the clean beach , to have a lunch offering international dishes. After that you will be free to enjoy your paradise island. You will be able to walk around, go for a swim or just relax in a comfortable deckchair.

Chantaburi Tour:Our tour will start in Wat Kao Sukhim and it's collection of art and craftsmanship. Then proceed to a small street where the occupation of the residents are cutting gemstones. Rubies & green, blue and white sapphires are being cut and polished. Before lunch we will visit the first and oldest church in Chantaburi, The Immaculate Conception. After lunch we will continue our trip to the Pliew water falls where you can swim, feed the fish or walk around and feel the friendly atmosphere away from the bustling city and only the sound of the water fall and crickets will be your sound of music. On the way back to Pattaya we might stop in the fruit market where fruits in season are being sold. Arriving in Pattaya at 18:00 pm and to your hotel.

Khao-Samuk(Mongkey hill) :

Also known as 'monkey hill' this precipice overlooking the sea is located at the north end of Bang Saen beach on the way to Ang Sila village. A shrine, Chao Mae Khao Sam Muk, is believed to commemorate an 18th century Chinese girl who threw herself from the cliff after her parents refused to give their permission for her to marry her lover. The girl is now considered a goddess. Another legend says the hill was once a 'lover's leap' where a couple killed themselves after vowing their eternal love. Still another folk tale says that the shrine honors the memory of a fisherman's wife who waited atop the hill for her husband who was lost at sea.
Many Thai-Chinese people like to visit the shrine to fly kites to honor the magical spirit said to dwell at the site, and to pray for good fortune and prosperity.
On Sam Muk hill there are beautiful cactus gardens and, as the nickname 'monkey hill' implies, the area is inhabited by a large number of wild monkeys.Our first visit will be at Kao Samuk, Monkey Hill, where hundreds of monkeys live. Then to Angsila where you will see the stone carving. Animals and birds being carved by hand. We then stop nearby where we can see how red bricks are made. Red bricks are only made by red clay and water, grinding it afterwards, mold and dry under the sun for 2 days and later heat it in an wood fueled oven for 5 days. Then to a refreshing boat ride along the canal or Mae Nam Bang Pa according to the water level. One of the highlights is our visit to Luang Poh Sothon with it's well known Buddha image where more than a thousand Buddhists gather in order to convey their respect and reveal their wishes. Ancient temple dancers are to be seen during most of the day. After lunch we will visit another temple Wat Luang where you can see uncountable numbers of chicken bats hanging in the trees. I hope this program will show on your sight for an example to imagination for set planning.Thank you very much for come through visit this web-log.Regarding.

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