Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Real Estate in the East of Thailand.

So you've decided Thailand is for you but you can't make up your mind where to live,well don't stress as the Eastern Seaboard is the only choice you need to consider.Unlike most western countries the property market is running hot in the east and most informed analysis's are develpers and investors now pouring into the east the time is right to either to purchase your dream abode or invest for the future.And wherever you decide to invest on the eastern seaboard you are never more than a few hours from Bangkok by car and even nearer Bangkok International airport,plus there are two other airports one close to Pattaya and Rayong and another in Trat servicing Koh Chang.Investment in the region continues to soar with a coastal road currently under construction liking the four coastal provinces that will most certainly see even more investment filtering down along the hundreds of kilometres of beaches.The weather in the east is fantastic with coastal breezes and majestic sunsets,then there's an abundance of superb eateries at almost every turn,excellent roads and little traffic,top class golf courses,fishing,scuba,wonderful green landscapes and property prices that are still an incredible bargain when compared to what you could expect in the west.Chonburi is currently enjoying a large proportion of the property boom with big developers from Bangkok firmly getting a foot hold in the high end condo market as expats choose Pattaya because of the deep rooted expat community and infrastructure which includes quick access to Bangkok and also many surrounding golf courses.Then there's the many business opportunities the area offers plus abundant superb restaurants and entertainment venues,and the many many attractions that make Pattaya such a popular holiday destination.Just a stones throw away is Rayong which is thriving with its industrial sector that along with tourism gives Rayong one of the fastest growing rates of GDP in Thailand.Miles of beaches and a choice of amenities both traditional Thai and western are prompting foreigner developers to bet on future expansion and a series of quality condos and houses are currently being completed.Sharing the cost and mountain ranges with Rayong is Chanthaburi which in terms of beauty is astounding.For now though the province has been some what overlooked out with so many breathtaking panoramas,excellent beaches,waterfalls and national parks this trend is not set to last.Chantaburi town itself is one of the cleanest and nicest cities in Thailand in our opinion.To make the dream a reality,call one of these companies and secure your slice of paradise.
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